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The SkinDOC is a portable high resolution system that allows digital dermatoscopy. Equipped with sophisticated system electronics in a portable box, it provides the user with full control.

Features and Benefits

Increased Productivity

✔ Advanced multi-featured software for superior customisation. ✔ Automated and customised report generation with links to your Practice Management Software. ✔ Integrated mouse in camera for easy software control and allows equipment to be operated remotely from the camera during the examination.

Seamless Image Capture

✔ Portable skin imaging based on the leading world-wide MoleMax HD technology. ✔ Logical linking of imported macro and close up body images to dermoscopic (micro images captured on the device). ✔ Quick and simple digital screening process with live video leading into simple localisation, diagnosis, follow up, report export to your Practice Management System.

Best Practice - Best Patient Care

✔ No messy immersion oil or contact fluids for digital dermatoscopy required, thanks to the patented cross polarization illumination. ✔ Create patient satisfaction and engage them in the examination process. ✔ Non-invasive examination is not only painless but also allows patients to observe examinations on the screen. ✔ Reduce unnecessary and unwanted excisions through serial digital monitoring and trending of lesions over time.

Superior Software

✔ Reliable software, used by more than 3,000 MoleMax users all over the world! ✔ Advanced multi-featured software for superior customisation with features such as reporting, localisation, follow-up and diagnosis. ✔ Automated and customised report generation with links to your Practice Management Software. ✔ Keep control and ownership of your data with no cloud storage or security concerns. ✔ No ongoing subscription fees or database size fees.

Software Features


Data Back Up & Export:
The MoleMax and SkinDOC systems runs perfectly within most clinic networks. Data can be
stored and backed up on a clinics’ server. Where a spare serveris not available, the MoleMax is equipped with ports for external backup. Patient images and files may also be exported from the MoleMax system into practice management software.


All Skin Library:
The All Skin module is a diagnosis library filled with images and descriptions which give the user the ability to browse and search for certain skin conditions. The skin conditions vary from melanoma to actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinomas and many more. The skin library features hundreds of them, including those not related to skin cancer.


The Histopathology module is primarily used to import Histo images into the patient database. Histo images may be imported from any storage media connected to the MoleMax or SkinDOC
systems including the local drive, CD/DVD drive, a USB or flash drive, external storage drive or a network location.


Trending and Monitoring:
Macro Trending allows for Micro and Histopathology images to be taken over time with comments. A complete patient history can be kept in chronological order every image taken and every comment added to the patient file.


Total Body Mapping:
This function allows the user to make a complete photographic documentation of the entire body
based on 33 present segments (quick examination -10 segments). This software allows importing of
images from other digital sources such as digital cameras


Multi-User Environment:
Our software is specially designed to operate in a multiuser environment to maintain audit paths and patient data security. The Administrator may tailor access rights for each user, to limit read, write and delete access.


Real Time/Overlay Follow Up:
A quick comparison in large scale is one of the most important features Doctors look for in Skin
Imaging software. A follow-up image may be taken with the previous image in view on one side of the screen. Alternatively, an outline may be generated of the original image to allow for easier follow-up. Images over time may also be compared side by side or over each other to easily assist in recognising lesion alterations.


Expertizer Plus Scoring Aid:
This module contains a histopathology database of diagnosed pigmented lesions taken on the MoleMax system.
These diagnosed images can be used for comparison and scoring purposes. This module also includes image analysis functions which will provide the user with automated calculations for various parameters such as diameter, circumference, and area
The module can also auto measure and compare any two lesions taken over time to analyse pattern and size changes.
The aid-to-diagnose module has in-built scoring tools which guide the user to assess the risk of a lesion with a score.


Body Mapping – Mole Count Module*:
Two similar follow-up images of a relevant body site for one patient will be compared as it can be
difficult to identify changed or new mole. The mole mapping module automatically detects nevi in the first and in the follow-up image. Additionally the software extracts features such as size, shape, and brightness that are relevant to each lesion and these features are compared for all mapped nevi.
Extracted moles are shown in full resolution giving a detailed image of the nevus.

*An optional extra. Additional charges apply.

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Our Practice Management Link will improve the workflow, cost efficiency and time management of your practice, linking the MoleMax software to your Practice Management Software and integrate with your patient notes.

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