DermLite Carbon

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DermLite Carbon


DermLite Carbon provides instant toggle control over lesion visualization from the superficial structures to the deeper pigmentation, by separately activating two groups of light-emitting diodes (LED), each with distinct polarization: The first group of eight LEDs produces cross-polarized light, ideal for visualizing deep structures, whereas the second set of eight LEDs is linearly polarized, giving you a clear rendition of the skin surface.


DermLite Carbon’s 16 LEDs are powered by the same highly efficient, long-lasting lithium battery that powers the original DermLite DL100.


Model No. DLC is supplied with one DermLite Carbon, one 2CR5 lithium battery, and one Silicone Sleeve with lanyard.


Product Features:

    • 2 groups of 8 White LEDs
    • First eight creates cross-polarized light, helps for visualizing deep structures
    • Second set of eight LEDs is linearly polarized, clear rendition of the skin surface
    • Button-Activated Dual Polarization
    • 15mm, 10X Lens
    • Lithium-Ion battery
    • Superficial Skin Imaging and No-oil Lesion Imaging





PolarizationPol. & Linear-Pol.
Lighting16 white LEDs (8 pol., 8 linear-pol.)
Infection Control
Spectrum Control

ø15mm 10x


Disposable (Type 2CR5)

Smartphone & iPad-compatibility
10 mm Reticle
Included AccessoriesSilicone Sleeve with Lanyard


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