DermLite DL3N Hand Held Dermatoscope

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The DermLite DL3N is now even more capable than ever. With refined optics and improved visualization of both pigmented and vascular structures. It has an additional second button that allows you to turn on its new feature, PigmentBoost®. This feature allows you to obtain a warmer illumination reminiscent of the older style dermatoscopes with the pigmented structures more pronounced.

Features a 25 mm four-element lens.

28 high-powered LEDs.

Non-contact and skin contact mode.

The spacer comes with a glass faceplate with 10 mm markings.

Camera or camera-equipped mobile devices compatible.

The new DermLite DL3N packs the unique advantages of both polarized and non-polarized dermoscopy with or without immersion fluids, improved vascular imaging, color temperature selection with PigmentBoost, great optics, solid durability, refined ergonomics and amazing versatility into a beautifully elegant design.

l3, DL4, DL4W

In your box: 

– Dermlite DL3N device

– Charging base with power pack

– Leather pouch

– Manual




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