DermLite Nailio

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Nailio improves visualization of deep nail structures and capillaries via its brightness-adjustable red LED.  Nailio connects to Foto X and provides a steady platform for your patient’s finger or toe and, by being able to tilt from side to side, examining the nail from various angles is easy; it is even possible to examine the distal nail.

This offer does not include Dermlite Foto X.

2 Year Warranty



Onychoscopy with red light for vascular pattern identification: a study of 33 patients

Onychoscopy: A practical guide

Onychoscopy: Dermoscopy of the Nails

Dermoscopy of subungual haemorrhage: its usefulness in differential diagnosis from nail-unit melanoma

Dermoscopy of non-skin cancer nail disorders

Dermoscopy of the Nail Unit


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