V900L Sirus Head Mounted System

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The Syris v900L visualization system combines a proprietary superior white-light LED with two-way polarization to enhance your vision during dermal exams & procedures by removing surface glare from the patient’s skin promoting improved viewing of sub-surface features.
The v900L is battery-powered for unrestricted mobility, easily adjustable, and quiet.


Features & Benefits:


    • Adjustable polarizer allows for both surface and sub-surface viewing; approximately 1mm.


    • Control module houses the battery and easily attaches to the waist allowing for unrestricted user mobility.


    • Control module offers dual settings for adjustable light intensity and extended battery life options.


    • Visi-Shield provides for an unobstructed field of view and changeable magnification options.


    • Lightweight vein visor headgear has two adjustable knobs and combined with the foam cushion headband pads provide for a comfortable fit.


    • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides approximately 4 hours of continuous operation when fully charged.


    • A charger is included with the system to keep the battery charged while not in use. To ensure that the v900L is always available, it is recommended that a second battery be acquired to allow for continual use of the v900L while the depleted battery is being charged.


How It works

The Syris range facilitates enhanced viewing, not just of the surface of the skin, but up to 1mm into the skin itself. Its polarised illuminating light, combined with polarised viewing, separates the two components of skin reflectance.
When the source and viewing polarisers are crossed, they block the specular component, resulting in a greatly enhanced view below the surface of the skin.
When the source and viewing polarisers are parallel, surface features such as textures, scale and wrinkles are enhanced.

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5 Year Warranty


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