Diagnosis and Management of Acral Pigmented Lesions

Ingrassia, Jenne P. BA; Stein, Jennifer A. MD, PhD; Levine, Amanda MD; Liebman, Tracey N. MD Abstract BACKGROUND  Survival outcomes in acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM) are worse than for cutaneous melanoma. Diagnostic delays are believed to contribute to worse outcomes … Read More

The eye of the tiger: Case report of a featureless invasive melanoma disguised within a tattoo with implications for clinical practice (R1)

Raghu Vasanthan MBChB, FRACGP, Cand MMed, Louise Vivien Killen MBBS (Hons), FRCPA, Cliff Rosendahl MBBS, PhD We present the case of a 59-year-old Australian man with an invasive melanoma within a decorative tattoo of a tiger. The only morphologic clues to malignancy … Read More

Timeliness of diagnosis and treatment of cutaneous melanomawith dermatology, general practice, plastics surgerycollaboration – are we meeting standards?

Haein NaA and Amanda Oakley Introduction. Melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer with a high burden in New Zealand.MelNet Quality Statements (2021) guide the timeliness of investigations and management formelanoma patients, who might experience long delays waiting for … Read More

Is photographic surveillance in melanoma diagnosis dispensable?

Cliff Rosendahl MBBS, PhD In this study, the authors provide an interesting descriptive report on a private dermatology practice in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, practising without photographic surveillance. They calculate a single defined metric, melanoma in situ to invasive ratio, and compare it … Read More

The dilemma of diagnostic drift

One dermatopathologist’s moderately dysplastic naevus is another’s melanoma in situ. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Dr Blake O’Brien, a dermatopathologist with Sullivan and Nicolaides, told the Red River tale during his presentation at the recent Australian Melanoma Conference … Read More

The Hunt for Baby Melanomas: A Prospective Study of the Dermoscopy Features on 100 Small Melanoma Cases with In Vivo Surface Diameters up to a Maximum of 6mm

John Pyne, Sarah MacDonald, Susan Beale, Esther Myint, Wei Huang, Simon Clark, Andrew Tang Background:: Early diagnosis can improve melanoma prognosis. Dermoscopy can enhance early melanoma recognition. Objectives: Examine the dermoscopy features of early melanoma up to a maximum surface diameter … Read More

Not All Polarized-light Dermatoscopes May Display Diagnostically Critical Polarizing-specific Features

Chin Whybrew, Pawel Pietkiewicz, Ihor Kohut, Justin C. Chia, Bengu Nisa Akay, Cliff Rosendahl Dermatol Pract Concept. 2022;12(4):e2022250 Since the introduction of polarized-light dermatoscopes it has become evident that there are some fundamental differ-ences in image characteristics, in comparison to … Read More

Melanoma Burden Rising: New Prevention Campaign Vital

The Medical Journal of Australia – published 9 May 2022 Professor David Whiteman and Professor Anne Cust MELANOMA is a common cancer in Australia. Each year in this country, more than 16 000 people are diagnosed with invasive melanoma, and … Read More

How MoleMax can be used to detect Skin Cancer

The best care for your patient… This is the best practice! Our teams focus on delivering safe, high quality and efficient tools which help medical practices implement strategies for the best patient-centered care. Improving patient examination experience is essential to … Read More

Benefits Of Using A Digital Skin Imaging System To Detect Skin Cancer

Current methods for diagnosing skin cancers rely on either invasive biopsies or the use of a dermatoscope and additional digital skin imaging software which can monitor the skin over time. As a dermatoscope relies on powerful visual inspection and digital … Read More

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