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MoleMax HD
The MoleMax HD was developed with for use in dermatological practices. The specially designed equipment has easy mobility, unique HD technology, multiple LCD camera previewing screens and total body mapping capability.
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MoleMax Plus
MoleMax Plus is a software package for dermoscopy which was developed for diagnostic processing with digital cameras. Simple clinical and overview imaging makes trending and monitoring an easy task.
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MoleMax Go
Link images taken on your smartphone or tablet with MoleMax Plus and your patient management software.
This free app is available for download on iOS and Android devices.
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The SkinDoc is a portable high resolution system that allows digital dermatoscopy. Equipped with sophisticated system electronics in a portable box, it provides the user with full control.
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MoleMax Links To Your Practice Management Software
Our Practice Management Link will improve the workflow, cost efficiency and time management of your practice, linking the MoleMax software to your Practice Management Software and integrate with your patient notes.
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Why Choose MoleMax?

  • Unique patented light source with cross polarisation illumination technology used worldwide, giving you a faster, clean & efficient digital examination with no immersion oil or contact gels required.
  • A cost effective purchase that will not only improve patient care, but grow your business.
  • Compare, trend and monitor skin lesions with the patient data base as well as a detailed diagnostics modules.
  • Most patients are frightened of the thought of an examination. Build your patient confidence by presenting their lesions visually on a monitor with high magnification.
  • Clinical Audit and Quality Control, earn qualifying CPD points.
  • Portable versions available for mobile clinics.
  • Integrated diagnostic aids to assist with scoring and assessing risk
  • First in the market in 1997, with well over 3,000 systems installed in over 60 countries worldwide.
  • Systems to suit the budget and needs of any size medical practice from entry level systems up to advanced multifunction operations.
  • Special camera design allows ease of software operation using the mouse controls located on the back of the camera.
  • Our Practice Management Link will improve the workflow, cost efficiency and time management of your practice, linking the MoleMax software to your Practice Management Software and integrate with your patient notes.

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MoleMax Systems and Skin Imaging Device

Dermoscopic Pattern of Basal Cell Carcinoma in H- and Non-H-zones

Joanna Pogorzelska-Dyrbuś, Natalia Salwowska, Beata Bergler-Czop Introduction: Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) localized in the H-zone, the region of fusion of embryonic masses, has been associated with a higher risk of deeper invasion and more frequent recurrence. Objectives: The aim of … Read More

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Smart E-Skin Cancer Care in Europe During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic: A Multidisciplinary Expert Consensus

Josep Malvehy; Brigitte Dreno; Enric Barba; Thomas Dirschka; Emilio Fumero; Christian Greis; Girish Gupta; Francesco Lacarrubba; Giuseppe Micali; David Moreno; Giovanni Pellacani; Laura Sampietro-Colom; Alexander Stratigos; Susanna Puig https://doi.org/10.5826/dpc.1303a181 Introduction: Melanoma is the deadliest of all the skin cancers and its incidence is increasing every year in Europe. Patients with melanoma often present late … Read More

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Dermatoscopy of Cutaneous Lichen Planus – Attempt to Translate Metaphoric Terminology Into Descriptive Terminology

Agata Szykut-Badaczewska, Mariusz Sikora, Lidia Rudnicka, Harald Kittler DOI: https://doi.org/10.5826/dpc.1303a174   Introduction: Dermatoscopy is gaining appreciation in assisting the diagnosis of inflammatory dermatoses (inflammoscopy). Lichen planus (LP) is a common inflammatory skin disease with characteristic dermatoscopic features. Over the last few … Read More

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