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MoleMax Plus

MoleMax Plus is a software package for dermoscopy which was specially developed for diagnostic processing with digital cameras. Simple clinical and overview imaging makes trending and monitoring an easy task. The MoleMax Plus software suite is compatible with a wide range of dermatoscopes with smartphone connectivity.

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Features and Benefits

Increased Productivity

✔ Practice management software links for export and import ✔ Links with Medical Director & Best Practice ✔ MoleMax Go app for easy record entry on the go

Useful Resources

✔ Integrated diagnostic aids to assist with scoring and assessing risk ✔ An All Skin diagnostic atlas with clinical references

Improved Patient Experience

✔ Localise patient images easily using the Body Map ✔ Monitor the development of a lesion over time

Easily Integrated

✔ Compatible with a wide range of dermatoscopes with smartphone connectivity



Data Back Up & Export:
The MoleMax and SkinDOC systems runs perfectly within most clinic networks. Data can be stored and backed up on a clinics’ server. Where a spare server is not available, the MoleMax is equipped with ports for external backup. Patient images and files may also be exported from the MoleMax system into practice management software.


Multi-User Environment:
Our software is specially designed to operate in a multiuser environment to maintain audit paths and patient data security. The Administrator may tailor access rights for each user, to limit read, write and delete access.


Trending and Monitoring:
Macro Trending allows for Micro and Histopathology images to be taken over time with comments. A complete patient history can be kept in chronological order every image taken and every comment added to the patient file.


All Skin Library:
The All Skin module is a diagnosis library filled with images and descriptions which give the user the ability to browse and search for certain skin conditions. The skin conditions vary from melanoma to actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinomas and many more. The skin library features hundreds of them, including those not related to skin cancer.


Real Time/Overlay Follow Up:
A quick comparison in large scale is one of the most important features health care professionals look for in Skin Imaging software. A follow-up image may be taken with the previous image in view on one side of the screen.
Alternatively, an outline may be generated of the original image to allow for easier follow-up. Images over time may also be compared side by side or over each other to easily assist in recognising lesion alterations.


Expertiser Plus Scoring Aid:

This module contains a histopathology database of diagnosed pigmented lesions taken on the MoleMax system. These diagnosed images can be used for comparison and scoring purposes. This module also includes image analysis functions which will provide the user with automated calculations for various parameters such as diameter, circumference, and area measurements.

The module can also auto-measure and compare any two lesions taken over time to analyse pattern and size changes.

The aid-to-diagnose module has in-built scoring tools which guide the user to assess risk of a lesion with a score.

MoleMax Links To Your Practice Management Software

Our Practice Management Link will improve the workflow, cost efficiency and time management of your practice, linking the MoleMax software to your Practice Management Software and integrate with your patient notes.

MoleMax Go

Link images taken on your smartphone or tablet with MoleMax Plus and your patient management software. Available for iOS and Android devices.


Free local secure storage option available.


Available for iOS and Android devices.



Choose from a one off fee or a basic subscription.


Easy to use patient report function included.

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