Identification of Novel Dermoscopic Patterns for “Featureless Melanoma”: Clinical-Pathological Correlation

Salvatore Lampitelli; Carmen Cantisani; Federica Rega; Camilla Chello; Francesca Farnetani; Giovanni Pellacani



Introduction: Diagnosis of melanoma can be sometimes very difficult because of its phenotypic and histological heterogeneity. Difficult-to-diagnose melanoma can be represented by mucosal melanoma, pink lesions, amelanotic melanoma (amelanotic lentigo maligna, amelanotic acral melanoma, desmoplastic melanoma), melanoma arising on sun-damaged facial skin, and “featureless melanoma”. Objective:The aim of the study was to improve the identification of featureless melanoma (scoring 0-2 according to 7-point-checklist)describing the variegated dermoscopical features and their histo-pathological correlation.

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