Evaluation of the Knowledge of Primary Care Physicians About Important Nail Diseases Before and After a Short Online Training

Greco P, Pham F, Duru G, Lainé X, Dalle S, Thomas L DOI: Introduction: Nail diseases are often diagnosed late with a potential prognostic and functional impact. This could be partly due to knowledge gaps among primary care physicians (PCPs). Objectives: To … Read More

Identification of Novel Dermoscopic Patterns for “Featureless Melanoma”: Clinical-Pathological Correlation

Salvatore Lampitelli; Carmen Cantisani; Federica Rega; Camilla Chello; Francesca Farnetani; Giovanni Pellacani DOI: Abstract Introduction: Diagnosis of melanoma can be sometimes very difficult because of its phenotypic and histological heterogeneity. Difficult-to-diagnose melanoma can be represented by mucosal melanoma, pink lesions, … Read More

GPs managing more and more skin cancers

New data shows that melanoma is just the “tip of the iceberg” when it comes to Australian GPs managing skin cancer-related conditions.  Published in BMJ Open, the research led by Professor Anne Cust, deputy director of the Daffodil Centre at the … Read More

Junctional Nevus and Early Melanoma on Sun-Damaged Skin of the Head/Neck: A Clinico-Pathologic Challenge

Elvira Moscarella; Pascale Guitera; Richard A. Scolyer; Lilian Rocha; Luc Thomas; Andrea Ronchi; Camila Scharf; Gabriella Brancaccio; Giuseppe Argenziano Introduction: Melanoma on the head/neck area can show subtle clinical, dermoscopic and histologic features at early stages, being difficult to differentiate from junctional nevi. Objectives: This case series aims to raise … Read More

Extrafacial Lentigo Maligna: A Clinical And Dermoscopic Analysis According to Localization

National Library of Medicine – published January 2022 Gabriel Salerni , Emilia Cohen-Sabban , Horacio Cabo Introduction: Whether extrafacial lentigo maligna (EFLM) differs clinically and/or dermoscopically according to location has not been analyzed in depth. Objectives: To evaluate clinical and dermoscopic characteristics regarding different localization in … Read More

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