Use of the Dermatoscope

Dermatoscopy of Cutaneous Lichen Planus – Attempt to Translate Metaphoric Terminology Into Descriptive Terminology

Agata Szykut-Badaczewska, Mariusz Sikora, Lidia Rudnicka, Harald Kittler DOI:   Introduction: Dermatoscopy is gaining appreciation in assisting the diagnosis of inflammatory dermatoses (inflammoscopy). Lichen planus (LP) is a common inflammatory skin disease with characteristic dermatoscopic features. Over the last few … Read More

Evaluation of the Knowledge of Primary Care Physicians About Important Nail Diseases Before and After a Short Online Training

Greco P, Pham F, Duru G, Lainé X, Dalle S, Thomas L DOI: Introduction: Nail diseases are often diagnosed late with a potential prognostic and functional impact. This could be partly due to knowledge gaps among primary care physicians (PCPs). Objectives: To … Read More

Melanoma In Situ—Getting the Diagnosis and Prognosis Right

Anne E. Cust, PhD, MPH(Hons)1,2,3; Richard A. Scolyer, MD, BMedSci, MBBS2,4,5,6Author Affiliations Article InformationJAMA Dermatol. Published online June 7, 2023. doi:10.1001/jamadermatol.2023.1485 In this issue of JAMA Dermatology, Patel and colleagues1 examine mortality after a diagnosis of melanoma in situ. Melanoma in situ is the earliest stage of melanoma (stage … Read More

The dilemma of diagnostic drift

One dermatopathologist’s moderately dysplastic naevus is another’s melanoma in situ. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Dr Blake O’Brien, a dermatopathologist with Sullivan and Nicolaides, told the Red River tale during his presentation at the recent Australian Melanoma Conference … Read More

Dermoscopic Findings in Intraepidermal Carcinoma: An Interobserver Agreement Study

By : Julia Fougelberg, Alfred Luong, Jonathan Bowling, Alex Chamberlain, Aimilios Lallas, Ashfaq Marghoob, Sam Polesie, Gabriel Salerni, Masaru Tanaka, Oscar Zaar, Iris Zalaudek, Magdalena Claeson, John Paoli Introduction:  A wide range of descriptive terms have been used for dermoscopic findings … Read More

A red scaly patch diagnosed as hypomelanotic melanoma

By : Tim Aung, Cliff Rosendahl, Damien Foong Early detection of melanoma is important and the diagnosis of amelanotic/hypomelanotic melanoma (AHM) is challenging. Nevertheless, dermatoscopy has been shown to improve diagnostic accuracy for non-pigmented skin lesions as well as pigmented … Read More

DermLite DL5 Dermatoscope Review

The writer was a very early adopter of the DermLite DL3, having purchased one of the very first models to reach New Zealand. The ability to toggle between polarised and non-polarised dermoscopy a significant advance and most useful, as discussed … Read More

Not All Polarized-light Dermatoscopes May Display Diagnostically Critical Polarizing-specific Features

Chin Whybrew, Pawel Pietkiewicz, Ihor Kohut, Justin C. Chia, Bengu Nisa Akay, Cliff Rosendahl Dermatol Pract Concept. 2022;12(4):e2022250 Since the introduction of polarized-light dermatoscopes it has become evident that there are some fundamental differ-ences in image characteristics, in comparison to … Read More

Skin markings to differentiate benign from malignant lesions: A prospective observational study

Rachel Manci, BS; Michael A. Marchetti, MD; Stephen W. Dusza, DrPH; Megan Dauscher, MS, PA-C; Ashfaq A. Marghoob, MD  Published: August 18, 2021 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology To the Editor: Linear interconnecting depressions on the skin surface create … Read More

Easier visualization

By : Dr. Guiseppe Argenziano “DermLite is a very feasible tool! It allows fast and precise dermoscopic observation of pigmented skin lesions, since no oil is required for visualizing dermoscopic features in pigmented skin lesions. Also, it is the smallest … Read More

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