Stepping Rings For Camera Lense Connection

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The quickest way to attach a DermLite to your smartphone or iPad, one ring of MagnetiConnect screws onto to your DermLite (and may stay there), the other attaches to your DermLite-brand smartphone or tablet case. While this ingenious yet simple solution allows you to rotate your DermLite into any position, its strong magnetic bond keeps it securely attached and in place. Simply pull on your DermLite to detach.

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37mm to 28mm, 46mm to 28mm, 46mm to 37mm, 49mm to 37mm, 52mm to 28mm, 52mm to 37mm, 52mm to 40.5mm, 55mm to 37mm, 55mm to 40.5mm, 55mm to 49mm, 58mm to 55mm, 58mm to 49mm, 58mm to 52mm, 60mm to 52mm, 62mm to 52mm, 67mm to 58mm, 72mm to 58mm, 77mm to 58mm, 28mm filter (for older DLII/3 units without magnetic connection)


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