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Introducing DermLite DL100, the original choice for oil-free pocket epiluminescence microscopy. DermLite DL100 speeds up the early detection of melanoma with enhanced visualization of pigmented skin lesions – without the use of oil.


By incorporating diode lighting technology for bright-white, natural illumination, a 10x Hastings Triplet lens and advanced cross-polarization technology, DermLite allows for a clear and deep view into pigmented lesions for early detection of melanoma and dysplastic nevi in a matter of seconds.


Enhanced Visualization of Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
With DermLite’s signature |dry| epiluminescence and the elimination of a glass faceplate, visualization of telangiectasia associated with the early detection of BCC is greatly enhanced. Vascular patterns can be seen more easily with DermLite compared to other hand-held dermatoscopes, since the vessels are not missed because of the glass-slide compression. (Dr. Guiseppe Argenziano, Naples, Italy).


A Versatile Powerhouse
The versatile DermLite has a multitude of applications. Viewing pigmented lesions, varicose veins, hair transplants, skin irritations, or skin lesions is just the beginning. Together with the DermLite’s compact size and lightweight design (only 3.5 oz/99g), the possibilities are virtually infinite. To make sure you will not run out of power, the DermLite’s endurance measures over 1200 lesion examinations* per battery, due to its diode lighting technology and long-life lithium power.


* at 30 sec/lesion


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Compare to other pocket dermatoscopes

Directions for use (2 MB PDF)




Lighting8 white pol. LEDs
Infection Control
Spectrum Control

ø15mm 10x

BatteryDisposable (Type 2CR5)
Smartphone & iPad-compatibility
10 mm Reticle
Included Accessories


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