DermLite HÜD 2 Home Dermatoscope

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Keep track of your skin. From home.
With the DermLite HÜD® dermatoscope (Swedish for skin; pronounced hoot) monitoring skin is an important part of staying healthy.  This is not only for people who have a family history of skin cancer. Beware of changes on your skin. Gradual changes within a mole, can be cause for concern, and can be difficult to notice.  Why not turn your smartphone into your personal home skin monitoring device to keep track of your family’s skin?

Works with your smartphone.
Made by the #1 brand in portable skin visualization, the second-generation DermLite HÜD® dermatoscope clips to virtually any smartphone or tablet.  This enables you to capture highly magnified dermatologist-grade photos of moles or other skin lesions you can share with your physician. With a DermLite HÜD® smartphone dermatoscope attached to your mobile device, even stream live video of your skin using your preferred video or conferencing app, making HÜD a powerful tool in any thorough teledermatology visit.

The DermLite HÜD® set includes a polarized USB-rechargeable skin magnifier with smartphone clip, two IceCap skin contact caps, a microfiber pouch, and a USB to USB-C cable.

Please be aware that DermLite HÜD does not replace a thorough skin exam by your physician. If you have a health concern, consult a medical professional immediately.

Warranty: 2 years

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