skin cancer facts

Melanoma Burden Rising: New Prevention Campaign Vital

The Medical Journal of Australia – published 9 May 2022 Professor David Whiteman and Professor Anne Cust MELANOMA is a common cancer in Australia. Each year in this country, more than 16 000 people are diagnosed with invasive melanoma, and … Read More

How MoleMax can be used to detect Skin Cancer

The best care for your patient… This is the best practice! Our teams focus on delivering safe, high quality and efficient tools which help medical practices implement strategies for the best patient-centered care. Improving patient examination experience is essential to … Read More

Benefits Of Using A Digital Skin Imaging System To Detect Skin Cancer

Current methods for diagnosing skin cancers rely on either invasive biopsies or the use of a dermatoscope and additional digital skin imaging software which can monitor the skin over time. As a dermatoscope relies on powerful visual inspection and digital … Read More

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